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Log Home / Cabin Construction Guide


All plans are different and many use different techniques for construction. This log home / cabin construction guide was written with the intent to aid in general construction of a simple log structure. This guide does not cover every possible aspect of log home or cabin construction.

This guide addresses mostly areas that are unique to log home / cabin construction. Many of the steps of construction are not covered because they are common construction techniques. Check with your local contractor to ensure you are building to local code requirements. All construction techniques in this guide are superseded by the engineering on the project and local building code requirements.

This guide is to be used in structures that are utilizing logs manufactured and or sold exclusively by us. This guide is designed to be used in conjunction with a structurally engineered set of blue prints. This guide is to be referred to only if it has been approved by and stamped by a licensed and insured structural engineer. If the engineer does not agree with any of the building methods mentioned in this guide you are to build as per the engineer's specifications. We accept no liability whatsoever resulting from the use of this guide. A structural engineer is an expert in structural design and should have many years of education and background in structural matters. We are not an engineer, nor do we have any engineers on staff. It is the home owner's responsibility to hire a structural engineer to engineer their blue print.

The construction of each log home / cabin is unique. Two very identical log homes can be build using very different construction techniques. With that in mind, remember that this is only a general guide. You may feel there is a better way to build certain aspects of your log home cabin. It is not a requirement to build to the guidelines set forth in this construction guide.

We recommend all of our log packages are structurally sized, reviewed and stamped to show approval by a licensed engineer. The guidelines set forth in this construction guide are fairly general. The engineer on your project will likely recommend more detailed and different methods of construction.

Log / cabin home construction and construction in general is dangerous. All tools, equipment, machinery, chemicals, etc. are to be used according to their respective manufacturer's specifications. Many of the items used to build a log home require skill and great care in order to prevent injuries and mistakes. We accept no responsibility for any damages, accidents, illnesses or injuries that may occur from the construction of any structure. Be sure to take every precaution in order to avoid injuries.

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